After employing the services of a highly reputable converter, the project was dramatically transformed.  Our idea, which up to then was just a concept, took on new life.  Our pattern, trademarked Constructoflage, became reality.
After a bit of fine tuning with the professional staff from Cone Mills, in Carlisle, South Carolina, we got the results we had desired.  Note how closely the fabric matches a sample from an actual sheet of O.S.B
The sample held proudly by the three partners was printed on a 59" 10 oz cotton duck.  
This is the real thing...we now have some actual apparel assembled and the look and feel is just as rugged as we had hoped it to be. And below is our signature leather stitched logo as it appears on the back pocket of the carpenter pants. What's next? Well we will keep you posted so be sure to check back here soon for details.